About me

Hello, My name is Maggie Cammack. I am a junior at Frisco Reedy High School as well as a varsity softball player. I have a passion for animals, especially dogs, and this year I am studying service dog training. In the future, I would like to pursue a degree in Veterinary medicine, and someday own my own practice. 


In my free time I enjoy reading, my favorite authors are Kevin Kwan and John Green. I also enjoy watching movies. My favorites include Perks of Being a Wallflower, Psycho, and Sandlot. Besides playing softball, I enjoy playing chess. I volunteer with a golden retriever rescue organization. I have two dogs of my own, a 13-year-old golden retriever, Tucker, and a 10-year-old beagle, Ginger. 

The goal for Independent Study Mentorship this year is to challenge me beyond what was thought to be possible. Comfort zones need to be limitless in order to push me to do something unexpected. Learning more about the ever-changing dog training and creating things that can benefit and people's lives is the focus. I want to inspire others to do work that is groundbreaking and life-changing while being inspired by professionals passion for their work.  This year to be the being of my future in service dog training as in-depth research about animal behavior is conducted and connections with dog trainers are built.


Email: Maggie.Cammack@gmail.com

Phone: 214-585-2439

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